Skin Treatments With Skin Specialist, Tara


Chemical Peels -


Chemical peels induce a controlled injury to the skin causing the skin to heal itself. Chemical peels are excellent for scarring and uneven skin tone. After healing, the skin will appear smoother and more even.


Edit. Breakout Peel - £80


Edit. Rejuvenating Peel - £80


Edit. Revive Peel - £80


Add a bolt on to your chemical peel:


LED Therapy (extra 20 minutes) - £25

Dermaplane (extra 30 minutes) - £25



Dermaplaning Facials -


Dermaplaning facials are performed by “planing” a surgical blade over the skin (it is completely painless don’t worry!) this removes up to 8 weeks worth of dead skin cells as well as our “peach fuzz” facial hair. Your skin will be left baby smooth after this treatment


Edit. Luxury Dermaplane Facial - £70


Edit. Deep Clean & Dermaplane - £80


Edit. Acne Buster - £80


Add a LED Light Therapy - £25



Micro-Needling -


This is a procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny needles (minimal pain) which in turn causes the skin to repair itself and produce more collagen. It can also help with scarring, sun damage, fine lines and enlarged pores.


Edit. Scar Eraser - £120


Edit. Overhaul - £120


Add a bolt on to your micro needling treatment:


LED Therapy (extra 20 minutes) - £25

Dermaplane (extra 30 minutes) - £25


Meso-Therapy -


Meso-Therapy is a technique which involves micro-injections of vitamins into the skin. This helps rejuvenate and tighten skin.


Edit. Lunchtime Rejuvenation (nappage facial) - £115


Edit. Neck Meso-Therapy - £165


Edit. Under Eye Meso-Therapy - £140



Skin Treatments With Nurse Izzie


Revitalising Chemical Peel - £80


SkinPen Micro-Needling

£150 x1 treatment

£405 x3 treatments

£765 x6 treatments


Brow & Lash Grooming With Our Technician, Jasmine


LVL Lash Lift - £60 (upper and lower lashes)

LVL Lash Lift - £45 (upper lashes)


It’s so annoying when you do your mascara and your lashes look lovely and curled up… for all of about 5 minutes! Well this certainly isn’t the case with LVL.

A LVL treatment perms the lashes so they stay curled and upright which in turn makes them look longer and fuller. They are also tinted during the appointment so they will look like they have mascara on! The results last up to 2 months!!


HD Brow Sculpt - £45


This isn’t just your average wax and tint! This is a bespoke brow treatment that is tailored to you. It includes brow colouring and tinting, hair removal, shaping and trimming and makeup application. This treatment will leave you with high definition, perfect brows. As well as your wax, tint and shaping the sculpt treatment also includes brow lamination. This is where the brow hairs are permed straight and upwards leaving them looking sleek and groomed to perfection.


HD Brow Sculpt & LVL Lash Lift - £80


The ULTIMATE grooming package. Absolutely perfect for a special occasion or holiday!


Brow Wax - £8


Brow Tint - £8


Brow Wax & Tint - £15


*Please note* All of our LVL and brow treatments require a patch test 48 hours before if you have not had this treatment with us in the past


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