Skin Treatments

These are our medical grade skin treatments, they are for people with specific skin problems such as acne, scarring, pigmentation and ageing. We use medically approved products and machines to help you obtain the skin you’ve always wanted.


SkinPen Precision Needling 

SkinPen Precision is the worlds leading skin remodelling (microneedling) medical device that creates temporary small microscopic channels in your skin. This simple procedure activates your body’s natural skin-healing power to increase collagen and elastin, so your skin returns to a healthier looking and youthful appearance. SkinPen precision improves the appearance of fine lines, scars, stretch marks, minimizes pores, pigmentation and sun damaged skin.

SkinPen 1x Treatment - £150

Dermaplane Facial

The ultimate dead skin and fuzzy hair removal facial! A derma plane facial involves planing a surgical blade over the skin (it is totally pain free don't worry!). Up to 8 weeks of dead skin is removed as well as the "peach fuzz" hair that covers our face. Skin is left the smoothest it has ever felt and super glory and clean! Makeup then glides on perfectly and with all that hair and skin removed you will also get 80% more out of your skin care products as it is able to absorb deeper into the skin layers.

Dermaplane 30 mins - £50

Chemical Peels

Revitalising Peel - £80 ( 1 treatment)

  • Revitalising pro glycolic 30%. Reveal more youthful looking skin with our medical grade chemical peel.

Anti Oxidant Chemical Peel - £80 

  • Citric acid peel

Clarifying Chemical Peel - £80

  • Clarifying booster madelic acid

Chemical Peel Multiple Session Prices:

  • 1x treatment £80
  • 3x treatment £210
  • 5x treatment £360

Things to know:

Please be prompt to your appointment.

• It is your responsibility to ley your practitioner know of any skin conditions or medical history that may affect your treatment or the results.

• We require a booking fee to secure your appointment. This is non refundable but is transferable ONCE. The booking fee will be deducted from the full payment on the day.

• Please, if possible come to your appointment without makeup on.

• In most cases, clients will need more than one treatment to improve skin. Remember consistency is the secret! 

• Please make us aware of any allergies or skin sensitivities you have prior to your appointment.


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